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Tortuga Ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the banks of Turtle Creek near Kerrville, Texas. We specialize in whitetail hunting, but the serene beauty of the Texas Hill Country is available to our guests year round for corporate retreats or just an outdoor getaway with family or friends.

The ranch has some amazing historical aspects for our visitors to enjoy, including a water well hand dug by settlers from the past and another natural gift, frozen in time: a set of preserved dinosaur tracks from millions of years ago.

Imagine back to the not so distant history of German settlers in central Texas fending off Indian raids on their homesteads.

Tortuga Ranch boasts evidence of one such settlement with this 15-20' hand dug well.

Now imagine back further in time. A LOT further, to the time of dinosaurs walking the creek beds of what would someday become central Texas.

Imagine hunting your monster whitetail buck in the same valley where dinosaurs once roamed.
Tortuga Ranch

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